The Lookerer

Listen below for previews of the forthcoming solo album 'The Lookerer'

The Time Traveller - Eliza Skelton
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Above Whitehawk Hill - Eliza Skelton
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Featuring Ben George on vibraphone

The Birthday Song. Video by Dan  G. Burke

The Desperate Ones

Vermilion - The Desperate Ones
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Vermilion from  The Desperate Ones album '1906'

Cold Hand from The Desperate Ones album '1906', with piano arrangement by Dan G. Burke for live performance of Musical Papillo at The Brighton Pavilion

For more about The Desperate Ones go HERE


Escana - Erics Woods/Eliza Skelton
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From Eric Woods 2019 Album 'Cinematico'

Two Bit Punk - Dead City Radio
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The White Bikini - Dead City Radio
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From the 'White Bikini' project with Paul Simmons. Phil Humphreys on drums.

Ahoow (Sara's Theme) - Eliza Skelton
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Written for  the soundtrack of short film noir 'The Guest'